Oregon Chain 100ft Reel

Model: 72EXL
Gauge: .050
Pitch: 3/8

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Oregon Chainsaw Chain Reel



If you're an experienced logger or forest worker using .325" pitch saws, the Oregon 20LPX PowerCut™ Saw Chain with a .050" gauge is the perfect choice for quick and precise timber cuts. With its low-vibration, full chisel cutters and offset depth gauges, you can expect smoother cuts without any cutters driving into the sidewall. 


For professional log cutters and forest workers, the Oregon 21LPX PowerCut™ Saw Chain with a .058" gauge and full chisel cutters can offer superior cutting performance with less effort. The chain is compatible with chainsaws made by several manufacturers, including Husqvarna®, Echo®, Jonsered®, Poulan® and Makita®.


If you're a professional woodcutter, the Oregon 22LPX PowerCut™ Saw Chain is the ideal choice with its .063" gauge and full chisel cutters designed to make quick and accurate cuts. You can also expect smoother cuts thanks to its offset depth gauges.


Oregon's 72EXJ, 72EXL, 73EXJ, 73EXL, 75EXJ, and 75EXL Saw Chains feature reshaped cutters and proprietary grind technology for superior sharpness and consistency. These low-vibration, full chisel cutter chains are designed to maximize every cut with less effort, offering top-notch performance to professionals.


The Oregon 90PX052G AdvanceCut™ Saw Chain is specially designed for homeowners and landscapers who want to easily maintain their trees. This low kickback and low-vibration chain is .043" gauge with a 3/8" pitch, making it 15% lighter than standard chains. It offers greater efficiency and requires less power due to Oregon's narrow kerf cutting systems. The Chamfer Chisel cutters with twin cutting corners provide exceptional performance. For optimal results, be sure to use this chain with guide bars that are designed for narrow kerf chains.


The 27AX VersaCut™ Saw Chain is a high-performance saw chain designed for professional use with large saws. It features a .404" pitch and a .063" gauge, making it a heavy-duty chain that is durable and easy to maintain. The chain is designed with Micro Chisel™ cutters that have small-radius working corners, which provide excellent cutting performance. The 27AX VersaCut™ chain is compatible with Stihl® 46RMF 100R guide bars. This chain is ideal for professionals who need a reliable and high-performing saw chain for demanding cutting applications.


The Oregon 27X saw chain is the perfect choice for professionals who demand heavy-duty, high-performance chains for their large saws. Featuring Micro Chisel® cutters that are designed for enhanced durability and easy maintenance, this chain is ideal for those who require maximum performance with minimum downtime. With small-radius working corners, these cutters offer excellent cutting performance, making the Oregon 27X an ideal choice for the most demanding applications.


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