Oregon SpeedCut Nano™ .325LP Pitch - .043 Gauge Guide Bar

$21.95 USD

Chainsaw Bar Size: 10" .325LP-043-46DL

10" .325LP-043-46DL
12" .325LP-043-51DL
14" .325LP-043-64DL
16" .325LP-043-64DL

Maximize your productivity with a guide bar specifically engineered for 80TXL saw chain on Husqvarna chainsaws. SpeedCut Nano is the go-to choice for professionals who require high-strength and performance-driven nose components. Precision is guaranteed, thanks to the exacting tolerances of the bar's construction. With unparalleled speed and endurance, SpeedCut Nano enables professionals to work uninterrupted all day long, even on the toughest jobs.


  • SpeedCut Nano 80TXL saw chain design provides longer run time and increases cutting efficiency
  • Increased speed makes it suitable for compact saws to take on big projects
  • Smooth cuts and minimal cutting chatter
  • Performs well without stalling during cutting
  • Pitch: .325 Low Profile. Gauge: .043"
  • Compatible with Husqvarna saws