Petzl Am'D Screw Lock Carabiner

$16.99 USD

If you're in need of a reliable locking carabiner, look no further than the Petzl Am'D Locking Carabiner. Designed with an asymmetrical "D" shape, this lightweight aluminum carabiner is perfect for connecting to a variety of gear and devices, including descenders and positioning lanyards. The Petzl Am'D features purposefully sloped edges to prevent snagging on ropes, and its red line indicator shows when the carabiner is unlocked. The H-Frame construction provides improved strength-to-weight ratio and protects markings from abrasion. With its top-notch construction and practical design, the Petzl Am'D is a must-have for any climber or rigging professional.


  • This carabiner weighs 70 grams, making it a lightweight option for climbers and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • The carabiner has a major axis strength of 27 kN, meaning it can withstand significant force without breaking or deforming.
  • The minor axis strength is 8 kN, while the open gate strength is also 8 kN, providing additional strength and durability.
  • The gate opening of the carabiner is 25mm, which provides ample space for clipping in ropes and other gear.
  • With these specifications, the carabiner is a reliable and durable option for climbers, hikers, and others who need a strong and secure attachment point for their gear.