Petzl Jag System

$349.99 USD

The Petzl Jag System is a versatile and efficient haul kit that's ideal for a variety of applications, including pickoffs, creating a releasable anchor, and tensioning systems. Featuring a 4:1 mechanical advantage with sealed ball bearings, the Jag System provides excellent efficiency and smooth operation. Plus, the flexible cover ensures that the kit is always ready to use and won't get tangled. You can easily spot the haul end of the system thanks to its bright yellow cover, making it quick and easy to identify during use.


  • Designed for use with ropes that have a diameter of 8mm.
  • Has a maximum working load of 6 kN, meaning it can support up to 600 kg of weight without breaking.
  • The breaking strength of this rope is 16 kN, which indicates the maximum force that can be applied to the rope before it breaks.