Petzl Kootenay Pulley

$224.99 USD

A knot-passing pulley is a type of pulley that is specifically designed for use in systems where knots or other obstacles may be encountered in the rope. The pulley has a specialized design that allows it to pass knots and other obstructions without getting stuck, which can be very useful in rescue and hauling operations. The pulley usually has a wide sheave with a groove that is designed to accommodate knots and other irregularities in the rope, and may also feature a locking mechanism to prevent accidental disconnection.


  • Accommodates joining knots for lifting loads over long distances or traversing with two ropes
  • Features a large diameter sheave on sealed ball bearings for superior efficiency
  • Sheave is equipped with locking pins that enable use as an anchor
  • Has a height of 260 mm