Petzl Vertex ANSI And Strato Accessories

Style: Nape Protector Yellow

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When it comes to arborist hard hats, the 2019 Petzl Vertex and Strato helmets are top-of-the-line options that provide excellent protection and durability. To ensure that your helmet lasts for many years to come, consider adding some of these accessories and replacement items:

  • Petzl Vizir Eye Shield: Provides eye protection from projectiles and UV radiation.
  • Petzl Vizir Shadow Visor: Shields eyes from the sun and glare while providing additional face protection.
  • Petzl ear protectors: Helps protect the ears from loud noises and flying debris.
  • Replacement foam liners: Keep your helmet comfortable and secure with new foam liners.
  • Replacement chinstraps: Keep your helmet securely in place with a new chinstrap.

With the help of these accessories and replacement items, you can keep your 2019 Petzl Vertex or Strato helmet in top condition for years to come. Whether you're working in the trees or on the ground, these helmets provide reliable protection and comfort for all of your arborist needs.



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