$20.00 USD

Size: Size 1: 300mm - 360mm boot circumference

Size 1: 300mm - 360mm boot circumference
Size 2: 360mm - 440mm boot circumference

The REECOIL FOOT-LOOP offers a practical solution by establishing a semi-permanent attachment point on your boot. This unobtrusive, durable foot loop is specially crafted for SRT (Single Rope Technique) ascents.

It is intended to be used in conjunction with a clip-on knee ascender or connected to a hand ascender tether, facilitating single rope access methods with ease.

Featuring our own high-density weave webbing attachment point, the FOOT-LOOP is purpose-built for SRT tree climbing and canopy access, making it an essential tool for professional Arborists seeking efficient and secure solutions.


  • High-density weave for durability and strength
  • Reinforced webbing attachment point for secure fastening
  • High-density elastic for a snug fit


  • Size 1: Fits boot circumferences of 300mm to 360mm
  • Size 2: Fits boot circumferences of 360mm to 440mm

Manufacturer Part Number: FL001.2