Rock Exotica Akimbo Accending and Decending Device


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The Akimbo is a specialized tool for arborist climbers. It allows the climber to easily move up and down on both stationary and moving ropes without the need for disassembling components or using additional tools. The Akimbo has adjustable rope contact points called Bollards that can be adjusted to fit a variety of rope sizes and can also be adjusted to provide more or less friction as needed. The Akimbo can be quickly opened to add or remove a rope in the middle, and it can be compactly stored both on and off the rope. When climbing on a stationary rope, the Akimbo's chest harness connection point allows the climber to easily attach using a wire gate and a small carabiner or a loop of cord.


The Akimbo is only approved for use with the following ropes, which have a Working Load Limit (WLL) as shown below. It is important to note that the Working Load, or the total weight of the climber and their gear, should not exceed the WLL of the rope to avoid slippage. The suitability of the approved ropes may be affected by environmental factors, the condition of the rope, and the condition of the Akimbo. Therefore, it is important to follow the instructions in the Akimbo User Manual to test the rope and verify the friction settings before climbing, and to check for updates to the list of approved ropes regularly.

    • Opens easily to install/remove rope mid-line, without detaching from harness.
    • Accepts wide range of rope sizes (See list of approved ropes).
    • Friction adjusts easily without tools.
    • Suitable for both SRS and MRS climbing methods.
    • SRS chest attachment wire gate provides quick connect/disconnect for cord or small carabiner.
    • Ascend, descend and position in the canopy without changing equipment.
  • Lightweight and compact.

WLL: 100kg (220lb)

Do Not Exceed this weight on the ropes listed below!

Courant Squir 11.5
Liros Safe Plus 11.5
Marlow Venom 11.8
Samson Voyager Cool 11.8
Teufelberger XStatic 11.7
Yale Poison Ivy / Blue Moon 11.7


WLL: 130kg (286lb)

Do Not Exceed this weight on the ropes listed below!

All Gear Cherry Bomb II 11.8
Cousin Atrax 11.6
Cousin Lignum 12.5
Drayer Tango StatX 11.5
Edelrid Direction Up 13
English Braids Silvatex 16 12.4
FTC Nigma 12
FTC Acid 12.1
Liros Safe Vision 12.8
Liros Safe Plus 11.5
Notch Banshee 11.7
Notch Sasquatch 13
Samson ArborMaster 12
Samson Vortex 12.7
Sterling Element 12.8
Sterling HTP 12.5
Sterling Scion 12.5
Sterling WorkPro 12.5
Teufelberger Fly 11.1
Teufelberger Drenaline 11.8
Teufelberger Tachyon 11.5
Yale Scandere 11.7

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