Samson Arborfreak 1/2" Climbing Rope

$119.99 USD

Color: Danube


Length: 120'


Termination: None

Spliced Eye
Sewn Eye

Discover a new era of performance with the Arborfreak 16-strand climbing rope – a modern twist to a trusted rope construction! Crafted for climbers who seek durability and handling ease, Arborfreak stands out with its 16-strand design, providing maximum firmness for a range of climbing techniques.

This robust line offers an easy grip, low stretch, and exceptional knot-holding capability. Arborfreak is designed for versatility, spliceable at both ends without milking and easy to inspect. When you desire a high-performance arborist climbing rope that excels in strength, feel, and durability, turn to Samson Arborfreak. With an impressive spliced strength of 6,500 lb. and a lightweight design (7.7 lb. per 100 ft), Arborfreak strikes the perfect balance for your climbing needs. Choose excellence in every ascent!


  • Manufacturer: Samson
  • Diameter: 12mm (1/2")
  • Construction: 16-strand for enhanced strength
  • Tensile Strength: Withstands up to 6,500 lb ABS
  • Elongation: 3% at 10% ABS for flexibility
  • Weight per 100': Lightweight at 7.7 lb for easy handling
  • Spliceable: Yes - Class I Eye Splice for versatility
  • Sewn Eyes: Yes, providing additional options for use
  • Origin: Proudly made in the USA

Manufacturer Part Number: 380