1/2" Arbo Space LPX Spider Leg

$45.99 USD

Length: 10ft.


The Spider Leg Balancer is a one-of-a-kind eye sling that provides great versatility to riggers. It can be attached to a bull rope or lowering line using a Klemheist or 3-wrap prusik, creating one or more quickly adjustable "legs" to the line's working end. This eliminates the need for time-consuming rigging, giving the operator better control over unorthodox limbs in precarious locations. The Spider Leg Balancer is particularly useful for tying the rigging line to the heavier limb base and attaching Spider Legs to the limbs mid to tip region(s). For sprawling limbs that require excessive dissection before lowering, using multiple Spider Legs is recommended.

While the Spider Leg can also serve as an eye sling for mounting a block or Portawrap in a pinch, the unusually long eye may not be suitable for standard use. The sling is made with Arbo Space LPX 13mm Sling-Grade and has a 2-foot eye. With a length of 16 feet from end to end, it is ideal for use on 1/2" lines, boasting an impressive 11,800-pound tensile strength while only weighing 2.7 pounds.

Product Details
13mm Arbo Space LPX
Eye Size
2 foot
Lengths Available
10ft., 16ft., 20ft.
Tensile Strength
Product Weight
Approx 2.7lbs
Manufactured Country