STEIN RC-2000 Lowering Device

$224.99 USD

The STEIN RC2000 Floating Lowering Device, with a Working Load Limit of 4,409 lbs, offers exceptional versatility.

You can easily wrap and unwrap working ropes without having to detach the RC-2000 from either its main anchor point or the top attachment point. The bottom anchor point features a large eye that can accommodate a choked sling for secure anchoring. The top attachment point enhances the routing of the working rope and facilitates rope tensioning. It also allows for rapid slack removal in ropes when blocking down logs, a unique feature in floating/hanging devices. Furthermore, the top attachment point is designed to keep the device in place while securely fixing the base anchor point and for attaching a tensioning or lifting system.


  • Working Load Limit (WLL): 4,409 lbs (19.6 kN)
  • Weight: 13.64 pounds
  • Compatible Rope Size: Up to 5/8 inches

Manufacturer Part Number: SS-RC2000