STEIN RCW-3001 Bollard And Winch System

$1,364.99 USD

Dive into a world where functionality meets swift operability with the STEIN RC3001, endowed with a detachable winch system. This innovative design empowers the operator to use the bollard independently of the winch, ensuring flexibility across varied tasks. Should a lifting process be necessitated, the winch can be effortlessly attached within moments, sans the need for any tools. Engage in a seamless working experience with the RC3001, where adaptability and ease converge to enhance your operational efficiency in every task.


  • Effortless Lowering: Featuring 1 x RCW-3001 Lowering Device for smooth, controlled descent.
  • Powerful Winching: Comes with 1 x RCWINCH Winch Kit, ensuring reliable lifting and pulling.
  • Rugged Ratcheting: Including 1 x 10t Ratchet Handle (RC-P5000) for secure and sturdy tensioning.
  • Secure Webbing: Equipped with 1 x 5.8m Webbing (RC-P5001) to hold loads firmly in place.
  • Protective Elements: 1 x Pair of Protection Rubbers (RC-P5006) to safeguard surfaces and enhance grip.

Manufacturer Part Number: SS-RCW3001-KIT