Weaver Bungee Chainsaw Strap W/ Snap

$24.99 USD

The Weaver Bungee Chainsaw Strap with Snap offers a practical solution for securing your chainsaw during work. With its bungee design, the strap easily stretches while you're actively using the saw, providing flexibility and freedom of movement. When not in use, it retracts, keeping the chainsaw close to your saddle or belt for easy access.

Constructed with a 1" wide double box-stitched nylon webbing strap and a 3/4" elastic, this strap allows for effortless adjustment. By attaching the ring to a snap on your saddle or belt, you can easily customize the length and fit to your preference. The heat-sealed ends of the strap help prevent fraying, ensuring durability and longevity.

To maintain equipment alignment, the loop end of the strap features a half twist, helping to keep your chainsaw hanging straight. The ring and 225 snap style have a resting length of 30" and can extend up to 45-1/2" when fully extended. The welded nickel-plated rings, measuring 2" in diameter, provide strength and reliability. The non-rust manganese bronze 225 snap is 4-1/4" long, adding further durability.

It's important to note that the Weaver Bungee Chainsaw Strap with Snap is not intended for breakaway purposes. With its reliable construction and practical design, this strap is a valuable tool for securely and conveniently managing your chainsaw while working.


  • 1" wide nylon webbing strap with double box stitching
  • Includes a 3/4" elastic for easy adjustment
  • Attaches to a saddle or belt using a ring and snap
  • Heat-sealed ends to prevent fraying
  • Loop end has a half twist to keep equipment hanging straight
  • Ring and 225 snap style: 30" at rest, 45-1/2" fully extended
  • Two ring style: 33-1/2" at rest, 48" fully extended
  • One ring style: 31-1/2" at rest, 44" fully extended
  • Welded nickel plated rings with a diameter of 2"
  • Non-rust manganese bronze 225 snap measuring 4-1/4" long
  • Carabiner minimum tensile strength: 1,800 lbs (8kN)

Manufacturer Part Number: 08-9822