ARBORjet QUIKjet Kit

$698.99 USD

The ARBORjet QUIKjet Kit is a tree injection system that is designed to deliver treatments directly into a tree's vascular system. The kit includes a QUIKjet injector gun, drill bits, plugs, and other accessories that are needed to perform the injections.

The QUIKjet injector gun is a high-pressure injection system that is designed to be easy to use and highly effective. The gun uses a needle to create a small hole in the tree trunk, and then delivers the treatment directly into the tree's sapwood.

The ARBORjet QUIKjet Kit is ideal for use in treating a variety of tree pests, diseases, and other issues. It is also effective in delivering nutrients to trees that may be suffering from nutrient deficiencies.

What’s included ? 

  • 1 QUIK-jet device 070-2232
  • 1 Liter supply bottle 
  • 1 Protective storage bag for QUIK-jet device
  • 1 Belt hook 
  • 1 Belt clip 
  • 1 Arbor Plug setter 
  • 2 Drill bits 
  • 1 Needle clean out tool 
  • 1 Graduated cylinder 
  • 1 Pair of safety glasses
  • 1 Storage bucket
  • 1 Funnel 
  • ½ Liter of CLEAN-jet
  • 1 Training manual & 1 Training DVD