Arborjet Supersonic Air Knife LT Hoses

$430.00 USD

PICK: LT 30' Hose

LT 30' Hose
LT 50' Hose
LT 100' Hose

The Arborjet Supersonic Air Knife LT is used to alleviate soil compaction. Soil compaction occurs when soil particles are pressed together, reducing pore space and making it difficult for the air, water and plant roots to penetrate the soil. This can eventually lead to poor plant growth and poor soil health. Decompaction of soil with supersonic Mach 1.7 air speed allows better pore space. 

This amazing tool can also be used for rescues where soil is formed up tightly because other construction tools might cause an injury. 

They are ideal for installing or repairing irrigation lines or for sensitive arborist work including, vertical mulching, bare rooting, radial trenching, and soil aeration. They may also be used to safely uncover buried electrical, gas, communication, or water lines without the risk of damaging the target.   Supersonic Air Knife digging tools are complemented by high-powered air vacuum tools, which utilize the same compressor and are used to remove debris loosened by the Air Knife through a large discharge hose. 

The Supersonic tool is used worldwide for

  • Arboriculture, landscape and irrigation.
  • Utility, construction and rescue.
  • Environmental remediation, de-mining, potholing and keyholing.
  • Water Infiltration.
  • Pest control.