Fiddle Block Tree Pulling Kit (220ft)

$439.99 USD

The Fiddle Block Kit is a useful addition to the Portawrap, allowing users to tension lines, lift heavy loads, and eliminate slack in rope systems. These blocks offer a small, inline design that provides a 5:1 mechanical advantage, allowing for 1000 lbs of lifting or pulling power with only 200 lbs of input. The kit includes steel carabiners and prusiks for attaching the blocks to ropes and anchors.

More Details: 

The Fiddle Block Kit is a powerful tool for tensioning lines and lifting heavy objects. It is more user-friendly than the tree pulling kit, as it attaches to a host line instead of requiring threading. The blocks are pre-rigged, making it easy to attach the ends to the host line (using the included Prusik) and anchor (such as a tree, vehicle, or another rope, using the included carabiner on a sling or other device). However, the Fiddle Block Kit is limited to 44 feet of working spread with the included 220ft-foot rope and requires a friction device, like the Portawrap, to hold the drawn rigging line for multiple advances. The kit includes two blocks, 220ft. feet of half-inch double braid line with spliced eye, two steel carabiners, and a rigging prusik, and offers a 5:1 mechanical advantage (1,000 pounds of lift) with 200 pounds of force. The built-in cleat holds position on the line between pulls and can be released with a snap of the wrist. To maximize power and versatility, use this kit in conjunction with a Portawrap or other lowering device.

KIT also includes 1 x 3/8" 30' Prusik and 2 Steel Carabiners