$399.99 USD

The Notch Rope Runner Pro, heralded as the most sophisticated work positioning device on the market, now dazzles in a limited edition orange. This special version marries the revolutionary design and functionality synonymous with the Notch brand and Kevin Bingham, the device's original inventor, with a striking new color that adds a distinctive flair to your climbing gear. This limited edition piece is not just a tool but a collector's item, with only 1,000 units available, emphasizing exclusivity and the urgency of acquisition while supplies last.

Features & Benefits of the Limited Edition Orange Notch Rope Runner Pro:

  • Rope Compatibility: Accommodates a range of diameters from 11 to 13mm, making it versatile for various climbing needs.
  • Working Load Limit: Supports up to 287lbs (130kg), ensuring safety and reliability for climbers of different weights and their equipment.
  • Weight: Light yet durable at 15oz (425g), designed for ease of use and to minimize climber fatigue.
  • Materials: Crafted from a combination of hot-forged aluminum, stainless steel, and nylon for a balance of strength and longevity.
  • Ease of Climbing: Simplifies both SRT (Single Rope Technique) and DRT (Double Rope Technique) climbing, enhancing efficiency and accessibility.
  • Smooth Descent: Engineered for an unparalleled smooth one-hand descent, offering superior control and comfort.
  • Mid-Line Attachment: Unique fully mid-line attachable feature allows for easy addition or removal without disassembling, maintaining its integrity.
  • Rope-Friendly Design: Incorporates rope-friendly edges to minimize wear and extend the life of ropes.
  • Comfort in Descent: The 'bird' sections are flattened for added comfort during descents, reducing hand strain.
  • Adjustable Friction: Offers multiple friction settings to accommodate personal preferences and various climbing conditions.
  • Harness Integration: Features an integrated central tending point for easy attachment to a chest harness, streamlining the climbing setup.
  • Pulley System: Includes an improved sealed ball bearing pulley for enhanced rope glide and efficiency.
  • Protection from Elements: An internal spring protects against dirt and debris, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Secure Assembly: Slic pins effectively keep all components together when the device is opened, for safety and convenience.
  • Limited Edition: A rare run of 1,000 units, making it a prized addition to any climber's collection.