Oregon 72EXL PowerCut Full Chisel Chains

$28.40 USD

Chainsaw Bar Length: 16"


Gauge: .050


Upgrade your chainsaw with the Oregon 72EXL PowerCut™ Saw Chain. Featuring reshaped cutters and proprietary grind technology, this .375" pitch chain delivers superior performance, sharpness, and consistency compared to its predecessor, the 72LGX. The low-vibration, full chisel cutters require less effort and maximize every cut, while the offset depth gauges prevent the cutters from driving into the sidewall of the cut, resulting in a smoother finish. Experience the next level of cutting performance with the Oregon 72EXL PowerCut™ Saw Chain.


  • Pitch: 3/8"", gauge: .050"
  • Built-in Lubri-Tec automatic oiling system extends chain life by delivering oil to key parts of the chain, reducing downtime and maintenance
  • Blued Cutters provide superior protection against corrosion
  • Expanded Top-Plate Filing Indicators and depth gauge filing indicators make sharpening more accurate and easier
  • Tough, long-lasting chrome outer layer and hardened rivets reduce wear and require fewer chain adjustments
  • Suitable for saw sizes ranging from 50-100 cc