Rope Logic 3/4" SafeBlock Ultra Sling - 6'

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    The Rope Logic® Safebloc Ultra® Sling is a fast and simple tool for adding friction to your rigging system at the top of the tree. Made with super-rugged 3/4" Tenex-Tec, the Ultra Sling gives you the ability to quickly cinch down on a trunk by passing the Safebloc through one of the 7 spliced pockets. Once choked, you can control the friction by passing the rigging line through one, two, or all three of the holes in the Safebloc.

    Ultra Sling Material: 3/4" Tenex-Tec

    MBS in Choked Configuration: 21,000 lbs

    Safebloc Interior Hole Diameter: 1.5 inches

    Ultra Sling Length: 6' usable length / 7' overall

    • Only designed for use in the choked configuration
    • Quickly add friction to your rigging system at the top of the tree
    • Spliced by the experts at Rope Logic
    • The Safebloc can be used without a basal lowering device for small to medium loads
    • Change the amount of friction provided by running your rigging line through only one hole, two holes, or all three hole for maximum friction

    DIAMETER: 20mm (3/4")

    MATERIAL: Aluminum

    STRAND COUNT: 12 Strand



    IA: 135-1887-8

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