Yale Blue Moon 11.7mm HS Lanyard W/ Petzl Eashook Carabiner

$109.99 USD

Size: 10ft.


Embark on your climbing adventures with the Yale Blue Moon 11.7mm HS Lanyard, complemented by the Petzl Eashook Carabiner. This combination offers reliability, safety, and convenience for climbers of all levels.

The Yale Blue Moon 11.7mm HS Lanyard is a trusted companion designed to withstand the rigors of climbing. With its 11.7mm diameter, it strikes a perfect balance between strength and manageability, providing you with confidence and control during your climbs.

The Petzl Eashook Carabiner is a reliable and user-friendly tool that enhances your climbing experience. With its innovative design and secure locking mechanism, it offers ease of use and peace of mind when making connections. Its versatile shape allows for smooth rope handling, ensuring efficient and hassle-free climbing.

Experience the unbeatable combination of the Yale Blue Moon 11.7mm HS Lanyard and the Petzl Eashook Carabiner. With these reliable and high-quality tools, you can climb with confidence, knowing that you have the safety and convenience you need to tackle any climbing challenge. Reach new heights and explore new possibilities with this exceptional climbing gear ensemble.


Average Breaking Strength: 6500 lbs.

Lengths:  10ft,12ft,15ft,20ft,

Working Load Limit: 650 lbs.

Manufacturer Part Number: YBMHSLWPE