1/2" Arbo Space Pluto Multi Ring Sling

Arbo Space Pluto Multi Ring Sling! With 10 pockets and no knots required, it's the perfect solution for quick and easy adjustments on the job. This hand-spliced sling is crafted from Arbo Space LPX, a tough 12-strand hollow braid polyester rope with an abrasion-resistant coating for extra durability. Say goodbye to time-consuming knot-tying and hello to a reliable and long-lasting rigging solution!

Rope Arbo Space LPX 1/2" (Coated 12 strand Hollow braid Polyester)
Thimble SMALL Aluminum ring
MBS 10,000 lbs (in choked configuration)
Usable Length 6'
Total Length 7'
Pockets 10
Manufactured Country US