1/2" Arbo Space Pluto Multi Ring Sling

$110.99 USD
Arbo Space Pluto Multi Ring Sling! With 10 pockets and no knots required, it's the perfect solution for quick and easy adjustments on the job. This hand-spliced sling is crafted from Arbo Space LPX, a tough 12-strand hollow braid polyester rope with an abrasion-resistant coating for extra durability. Say goodbye to time-consuming knot-tying and hello to a reliable and long-lasting rigging solution!

Rope Arbo Space LPX 1/2" (Coated 12 strand Hollow braid Polyester)
Thimble SMALL Aluminum ring
MBS 10,000 lbs (in choked configuration)
Usable Length 6'
Total Length 7'
Pockets 10
Manufactured Country US