Arbo Space 5/8" Multi Rock Exotica Omni Block Sling - Arbo Space

Arbo Space 5/8" Multi Rock Exotica 2.6 Omni Block Sling

$299.99 USD

Rock Exotica's 2.6" Omni Block and 5/8" Multi® Sling make for a powerful and versatile rigging combo. The Multi Sling's fixed, hand-spliced pockets are easy to use and adjust, allowing you to quickly set it up on a variety of branches or trunks. The Omni Block's pulley design is user-friendly, with a one-hand opening mechanism and a patented double locking system to secure the sideplate. Together, these two tools can handle any rigging scenario you encounter.


MBS: 16,000lbs

Usable Length: 6 feet

Total Length: 7 feet

Rope: 5/8" Arbo Space Lupex