Arbo Space Aspen 11.7mm Sewn Lanyard W/ ISC Snap Hook

$69.99 USD

Size: 10ft.


Elevate your climbing experience with the Arbo Space Aspen 11.7mm Sewn Lanyard, equipped with the reliable ISC Snap Hook. This lanyard combines the superior performance of a 32-strand kernmantle rope with a host of features designed to enhance your safety and efficiency.

Crafted with precision, the Arbo Space Aspen lanyard boasts a 32-strand construction that minimizes stretch, ensuring a stable and secure connection during climbs. Its low-stretch characteristics provide you with the confidence to tackle challenging terrains and maintain control throughout your ascent or descent.

The lanyard's thicker cover adds an extra layer of durability and wear resistance, delivering a longer lifespan and consistent performance. With reduced wear and tear, you can rely on the Arbo Space Aspen lanyard for repeated use in demanding climbing scenarios.

The ISC Snap Hook serves as a reliable connection point, providing a secure attachment to your climbing gear. Its sturdy design and easy-to-use mechanism ensure a hassle-free experience while maintaining a high level of safety.

Experience the perfect grab offered by the Arbo Space Aspen lanyard. Whether you're gripping the rope or connecting to anchor points, its optimized design provides a comfortable and secure hold, allowing you to focus on your climb.

With the Arbo Space Aspen 11.7mm Sewn Lanyard and ISC Snap Hook, you can confidently pursue your climbing adventures with enhanced safety and performance. Embrace the superior quality and functionality of Arbo Space products and elevate your climbing endeavors to new heights.


  • Construction: Kernmantle
  • Core: Polyester
  • Cover: Polyamide
  • Diameter: 11.7mm
  • Load capacity: 7,340lbs

Manufacturer Part Number: ALWISH