3/4" Arbo Space Pluto Multi Rigging Block Sling

$110.99 USD $99.99 USD

Introducing the Arbo Space Pluto Multi Sling in its block version! This sling is made from the sturdy 3/4" ARBO SPACE LPX and features a rigging block that can be easily installed and captured in the terminal eye. This innovative design allows for effortless length adjustment using the spliced pockets at fixed intervals. With its unmatched versatility and durability, this sling is a must-have for any rigging scenario.

Specification Details
Rope 3/4" LPX
Configuration Designed for use in choked configuration only
Pockets 6 consecutive 8" pockets
Usable Length 6 feet
Overall Length 7 feet
Eye Size 4 inches
Compatible Blocks CMI RP130, RP131, RP145; DMM Large (3/4" with hole), Small (5/8" no hole); ESA 3/4"; ISC Red & Blue Rigging blocks (RP055, RP054, RP053, RP052, RP051, RP050), Flame (RP056);
Working Load Limit 22,000lbs Chocked configuration 
Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) 22,000lbs
Manufacturer Arbo Space