Arbo Space Pro Twist 3 5/8" (16mm)

$109.99 USD

Length: 150'

By the foot

Option: None

Large Eye (12")
Two Large Eye (12")

Introducing our 3-strand polyester hard lay rope, specifically designed for natural crotch rigging. This rope is made from high-quality polyester fibers that provide both strength and durability, making it ideal for tough outdoor applications. The hard lay construction ensures excellent knot-holding ability and helps to prevent unraveling, making it ideal for a variety of rigging tasks. Whether you're a tree worker, arborist, or landscaper, this rope is an essential tool for your rigging needs. Get the job done right with our reliable and long-lasting natural crotch rigging rope.'

Dia: 5/8" (16mm)

Meets Ansi Requirements.

Elongation: 3%