Arbo Space Rigging Retriever

$259.99 USD

The Rigging Retriever is a versatile and efficient tool for tree care professionals that offers a range of remote set and retrieval options. With the ability to handle choking, basket, and equalized configurations, the Rigging Retriever is a multi-functional rigging tool that can tackle a variety of tasks. It features a #2 Rigging Thimble and a steel ring, both expertly spliced by the team at Arbo Space. Additionally, the Rigging Retriever includes a Pinto Rig Pulley prusik made from 10mm Arbo Space Jupiter Rope, offering exceptional strength and durability. With a total length of 5ft., the Rigging Retriever is a reliable and indispensable tool for any tree care professional.

Rope: Arbo Space 5/8" LV Double Braid with 16,300lbs MBL

The Pinto Rig Pulley has a 10,000lbs MBL