3/4" Arbo Space Dead Eye Sling with SAFEBLOC

Length: 16'
Sale price$199.99

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Introducing the game-changing Safebloc, paired with Arbo Space LPX 3/4" dead eye sling hand-spliced by the expert rigging team at Arbo Space. This top-quality rigging tool features the Notch Safebloc, designed to add friction at the tree's apex, enhancing safety by reducing forces on the anchor point. With the Safebloc, climbers can easily assist with lowering after the initial drop, making the job more convenient and efficient.

The Safebloc is versatile and adaptable, suitable for use in any rigging configuration where a block or pulley would typically be used. The friction can be adjusted by running the rope through one, two, or all three holes for precise control. It can be utilized without a basal lowering device for small to medium loads, although larger loads may require an additional friction brake.

Proudly made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty, the Safebloc is engineered with no moving parts and is hard-coated for extended wear. Elevate your rigging system with this innovative and durable tool from Arbo Space, setting a new standard in rigging safety and efficiency.

Length MBS (lbs) MBS (kN) Rope Diameter Thimble Manufactured Country
16 ft 27,000 120 Arbo Space LPX 3/4" Notch Safebloc USA
20 ft 27,000 120 Arbo Space LPX 3/4" Notch Safebloc USA
25 ft 27,000 120 Arbo Space LPX 3/4" Notch Safebloc USA

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