ARBORjet Deluxe Viper Needle 2-Pack

$98.99 USD

VIPER - Volume-Injected Pressure-Enhanced Reservoir.

  • Uses Arborg Plug.
  • Arborg is the plug inserted into the sapwood.
  • VIPER needle is the name of the micro-infusion needle.
  • Viper method is the procedure for the micro-infusion using Arborg Plug and VIPER needle. 

When to use VIPER ?

  • Faster Uptake
  • Closed Infusion site
  • No leakage
  • Faster wound closure
  • Conifers 
  • Infection prone trees 

Arborjet’s FSeries Micro-infusion system was developed to effectively deliver high volumes of injectable product into the sapwood of any type of tree. It enables the applicator to precisely deliver an accurate, measured dose of insecticide, fertiliser or fungicide into the xylem tissue in a safe and environmentally friendly way. The FSeries can utilise VIPER micro-infusion interface technology.