BUNDLE of 4 or 8 Arbo Space Jupiter Tight Aramid/Polyester - 10mm (Hitch Cord)

$59.00 USD

Size: 4 x 28"-Eye-to-Eye

4 x 28"-Eye-to-Eye
4 x 30"-Eye-to-Eye
4 x 32"-Eye-to-Eye
8 x 28"-Eye-to-Eye
8 x 30"-Eye-to-Eye
8 x 32"-Eye-to-Eye

Let’s Take a Trip to Outer Space! Our JUPITER Hitch Cords will bring you back to Earth and keep you safe during ascending and descending.

The need for heat resistance and grip is perfectly attained by the Arbo Space Jupiter from Eye-and-Eye. The combined Aramid with Polyester sheath and Polyester core, allow for just enough bite.

Available in 8mm and 10mm!