Camp Tree Access SRT Chest Harness

$69.99 USD

The accessory chest harness is specifically designed to work in conjunction with the Turboknee System and offers dedicated attachment points for this purpose. It also features numerous loops for secondary connections, allowing for added versatility in rigging. The chest harness provides additional support and load dispersal when used in combination with a sit harness, and the padded shoulders ensure all-day comfort. The padding on the shoulders is color-differentiated for left and right, making it easy to put on correctly. This accessory chest harness is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Tree Access ANSI ST and the 2021 version of the Tree Access Evo harness but can also be rigged to other harnesses as needed.

WEIGHT: 265 g, 9.4 oz

Sizes: One Size

Height: 55-85 cm

ATTENTION/WARNING: The Tree Access SRT Chest is a climbing aid/accessory harness, it must never be used to for life support or safety functions.