DMM Captain Hook Red
DMM Captain Hook Red - Arbo Space

DMM Captain Hook

$199.95 USD

Color: Red


The DMM Captain Hook is a throwing hook capable of self orienting by means of a weighted nose and special engineering. The Captain Hook offers stability to some of the more complex work positioning situations you may get yourself into. 

The pivoting shackle allows the hook to rotate and attach to any anchor up to 90mm (3.5”). The Captain Hook can be thrown across the canopy or from one tree to another making traversing and canopy movement easy and efficient. 

DMM’s quality shows through and through with this great option for climbers. The Captain Hook has an MBS of 18kN depending on your anchor. By attaching a DMM XSRE carabiner to the small hole in the top, the hook can be stored on your harness without risk of it being caught in the canopy while climbing. 


  • Aluminum 
  • MBS: 18kN 
  • Hook opening: 90mm (3.5”) 
  • Weight: 14.9oz

Manufacturer Part Number: TH200