Courant Faster Bag

$60.99 USD

The Courant Faster Guide Line Bag - Your Compact and Versatile Rope Deviation Solution!

The Courant Faster Guide Line Bag is designed to enhance rescuer efficiency and bring rope deviation guides within hand's reach. Its innovative design allows for various carrying modes, ensuring rescuers can move freely and have their hands available for crucial operations. With its compact size and user-friendly features, this bag is your reliable companion in critical situations.

Key Features:

  • Compact and Efficient: The Courant Faster Guide Line Bag is specially designed to accommodate 50 meters and 60 meters guide lines in a compact and organized manner.

  • User-Friendly Carrying Modes: This versatile bag offers different carrying modes, including thigh, belt, or optional shoulder strap carrying. Choose the mode that suits your needs and work with maximum mobility and ease.

  • Hands-Free Operation: The Courant Faster bag-held guide line keeps the user's hands free while working, ensuring unobstructed movements and unhindered access to essential tools.

  • Quick and Easy Guide Line Removal: Rescuers can remove the guide line from the bag without the need to open it, streamlining rescue operations and saving valuable time.

  • Fire Retardant Treatment: The Courant Faster Guide Line Bag is treated with a fire retardant treatment, making it suitable for high-temperature environments, withstanding temperatures of up to 220°C.

Technical Specifications:

  • Capacity: The bag is designed to hold guide lines of 50 meters and 60 meters length.

  • Carabiner Fitted Guide Line: The bag is equipped with a carabiner fitted guide line, ensuring secure attachment and easy access.

  • Multiple Carrying Options: Enjoy the convenience of front and thigh carrying modes, with an optional shoulder strap carrying for added flexibility.

  • Deviation Rope Guides: The Courant Faster Guide Line Bag comes with options to carry 1 to 6 deviation rope guides, catering to various rescue needs.

  • Compartment for Passing Cards: A dedicated compartment is provided for passing cards, allowing for quick access and easy organization.

Embrace the efficiency and adaptability of the Courant Faster Guide Line Bag, a compact and reliable companion for rescuers and emergency responders. With its intelligent design, user-friendly features, and fire retardant treatment, this bag is your essential tool in critical situations. Choose Courant Faster Guide Line Bag and ensure smooth and effective rescue operations, leaving no room for compromise in safety and performance.