Courant Flexbee Arborist Positioning Lanyard

$251.95 USD

Style: Complete Kit With Snap Hook

Complete Kit With Snap Hook
Replacement Rope Without Snap Hook

Length: 5M (16')

5M (16')
7M (22')

The Courant Flexbee positions itself as an essential tool for arborists, blending lightweight design with unparalleled flexibility and visibility. This work positioning lanyard, crafted around the innovative Squir rope construction, is optimized for precision and ease of use in the demanding field of arboriculture.

Constructed from a 32-strand, 11.5mm Squir rope featuring compact sewn eyes, the Flexbee combines a polyester sheath with a polyamide X-Braid core, ensuring durability and strength. It is meticulously certified for use with a Distel 5-wrap or Valdotain 4+2 knot, or a Phoenix 8mm 70cm, accommodating a maximum working load of 140kg (308 lbs). This certification underscores its reliability and safety for professional use.


  • Diameter: 11.5mm, providing the ideal balance between strength and flexibility.
  • Color: The striking Yellow/Blue colorway enhances visibility, reducing the risk of misplacement and improving safety in dense foliage.
  • Length Options: Available in various lengths - 3M (10'), 4M (13'), 5M (16'), and 7M (22'), offering versatility for different tasks and preferences.
  • Style Options: Select the options with or without the triple lock snap hook

Key Features:

  • Lightweight Construction: Ensures ease of handling and reduces fatigue during prolonged use.
  • Flexible Design: Offers excellent maneuverability, allowing for precise positioning.
  • Advanced Adjustment System: Features a perfectly matching hitch cord complemented by an advanced pulley and karabiner system for accurate length adjustment.
  • High-Contrast Colors: Improves visibility and safety, making the lanyard easy to locate and use.
  • Versatile Use: Designed to disassemble easily with a chainsaw wrench and allows for the use of any connector on the adjustment side, adding to its convenience and adaptability.