Courant Host Bag

$69.99 USD

The Courant Host Rope Bag - Your Ideal Rope Storage and Transport Solution!

The Courant Host bag is expertly designed to cater to your rope storage and transportation needs. With its spacious capacity and innovative features, this bag ensures smooth rope handling and protection during your climbing and rigging endeavors.

Key Features:

  • Generous Capacity: The Courant Host bag boasts a generous pack size of 36 liters, providing ample space to accommodate up to 60 meters of climbing or access rope, or 45 meters of rigging rope.

  • Ventilation Panels: Ropes can be stored in the Courant Host bag, even when wet, thanks to the inclusion of generous ventilation panels. Say goodbye to damp ropes and ensure they stay dry and ready for use.

  • Stiffeners for Shape Maintenance: Equipped with stiffeners, this bag maintains its shape even when empty, allowing for smooth rope handling and easy access.

  • High-Resistance Fabric: Crafted with 1680D high-resistance fabric, the Courant Host bag is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor activities, ensuring long-lasting durability.

  • Toggle Closing System: The top of the bag features a heavy-duty fabric with a toggle closing system, keeping your ropes securely in place during transport.

Other Features:

  • Carabiner Attachment Points: Enjoy the convenience of 8 carabiner attachment points, providing easy access and organization of your gear.

  • Separate Gear Loops: Four separate gear loops offer additional storage options for your climbing essentials.

  • Expandable Exterior Pocket: The Courant Host bag features an expandable pocket on the outside, providing extra storage space for various items.

  • Webbing with Velcro: Securely attach the rope inside at the bottom with the webbing and Velcro system, ensuring your ropes are tidy and ready for use.

  • Transparent Pocket: A transparent pocket is provided for paperwork or identification, allowing you to keep important documents accessible and visible.

  • Removable Shoulder Strap: Carry the Courant Host bag with ease using the removable shoulder strap, offering versatile and comfortable carrying options.

  • Mesh Panels: Benefit from mesh panels that allow your ropes to dry efficiently after use, preventing moisture buildup.

Experience convenience and organization with the Courant Host Rope Bag. With its durable construction, ample space, and thoughtful features, it's the perfect companion for climbers and riggers seeking efficient rope storage and hassle-free transportation. Choose Courant Host bag and elevate your rope management game during every adventure!