Courant Kalimba 11.9mm Climbing Rope

$301.99 USD

Length: 164 ft.

164 ft.

Courant Kalimba Rope - Versatile Access Solution for Arborists!

The Kalimba Rope is expertly designed to cater to the needs of tree climbing and pruning professionals, offering a versatile and efficient access rope for arborists.

Key Features:

  • Slim Spliced Eye: Kalimba Rope comes with a slim spliced eye, ensuring easy and secure attachment during your tree climbing and pruning tasks.

  • 24 Spindle Design: The 24 spindle design results in a round rope with a perfectly balanced grip, tailored to accommodate various descenders available in the market. Experience precise control during your descents and operations.

  • X-Braid Core Construction: The core of Kalimba Rope is constructed using the X-braid technique, providing remarkable flexibility over time and minimal elongation. These features contribute to enhanced efficiency for both SRT (Single Rope Technique) and DRS (Double Rope Technique) applications.

  • Lollypop Color Blend: Combining the best of both worlds, Kalimba Rope is braided with three Lollypop colors that create a captivating flash effect in the tree. Elevate your climbing experience with this eye-catching and practical design.


  • Application: Designed for tree climbing and pruning tasks, Kalimba Rope is your go-to solution for versatile access needs.

  • Size: The slim spliced eye ensures easy attachment and compatibility with various climbing gear.

  • Grip Adaptation: Kalimba Rope's balanced grip is perfectly suited for different descenders, delivering smooth and controlled descents.

  • Core Flexibility: The X-braid core construction grants Kalimba Rope great flexibility, allowing for efficient and agile maneuvers while climbing.

  • Low Elongation: Experience minimal elongation with Kalimba Rope, ensuring precise control and stability during your operations.

  • Lollypop Colors: The vibrant blend of three Lollypop colors adds a touch of style to your climbing gear, making your presence in the tree truly stand out.

Embrace the versatility and performance of Kalimba Rope, a premium solution for arborists seeking an agile and reliable access rope. Whether you're utilizing SRT or DRS techniques, this rope has you covered with its cutting-edge design and captivating Lollypop colors. Elevate your tree climbing and pruning experience with Kalimba Rope and unlock a world of possibilities within the canopy.

Standard CE EN 1891-A / ANSI Z133 2017
Diameter 11.9mm
Materials / Construction Polyamid/Polyester
Tear Resistant 3500 daN
Resistor with Splice 2300 daN
Gain Percentage 57%
Core Percentage 43%
Sheath Slip 0.1%
Elongation 50/150 kg 1.8%
Knotability 0.6
Water Shrinkage 1%