Courant Komora 11.7mm Climbing Rope

$244.99 USD

Lenght: 150ft.


Introducing KOMORA - The Perfect Blend of Modern Adaptation and Proven Success!

Meet KOMORA, the rope designed to excel in today's cutting-edge techniques and materials while preserving the essence that led to the triumph of its predecessor, the KANOPA PRO. This high-performance rope comes equipped with one slim spliced eye for enhanced versatility and convenience.

Key Features:

  • Great Fluidity in Descending: With a diameter of 11.7 mm, KOMORA ensures exceptional fluidity in mechanical descenders. Experience smooth and controlled descents, optimizing your performance during every operation.

  • Enhanced Abrasion Resistance: The 16-ply polyester sheath of KOMORA is reinforced to deliver superior abrasion resistance. This guarantees lasting durability, even in rugged and challenging environments.

  • Compatible with Mechanical Descenders: KOMORA's thin splice is specifically designed to seamlessly work with mechanical descenders. Enjoy seamless integration and effortless operation for your technical pursuits.

  • Patented Captive Marking: With a patented captive marking protected at the heart of the splice, KOMORA ensures guaranteed traceability. This critical feature provides essential information and enhances safety during use.

Elevate your rope game with KOMORA, a modern marvel that honors the legacy of the KANOPA PRO while embracing advancements in rope technology. From fluid descents to reliable abrasion resistance and traceability, KOMORA delivers the performance and reliability you demand. Choose KOMORA and experience the perfect balance of innovation and tradition in every climb or technical operation.

Standard EN 1891:1998 Type A
Materials / Construction Polyamid/Polyester
Tear Resistant 3000 daN
Resistor with Splice 1900 daN
Mass 94 gsm
Gain Percentage 68%
Core Percentage 32%
Elongation 50/150 kg 2.5%
Knotability 0.82
Water Shrinkage 1%