Courant Rebel 11mm Climbing Rope

$165.29 USD

Length: 150ft.


The Courant Rebel Rope - Your Ultimate Fast Access Solution!

The Courant Rebel Rope is your ideal companion for swift access into the trees. With its small diameter, remarkable durability, and low stretch capabilities, this rope ensures high efficiency climb after climb. Whether you're ascending or descending, the Rebel Rope's long-lasting flexibility guarantees a reliable and smooth performance.

Key Features:

  • Swift Access with Small Diameter: The Courant Rebel Rope's small diameter makes it perfect for fast access into the trees, allowing you to reach your destination swiftly and efficiently.

  • Proven Durability & Low Stretch: This rope is designed to withstand the toughest challenges. Its proven durability and very low stretch ensure a secure and controlled climb, enabling you to focus on your tasks with confidence.

  • Long-Lasting Flexibility: The Rebel Rope retains its flexibility over time, delivering consistent performance climb after climb, ensuring you can rely on it for various climbing applications.

  • EN 1891-A Certification: Certified with EN 1891-A, the Rebel Rope is fully compatible with all modern mechanical devices on the market, offering versatility and peace of mind during your climbs.

Additional Information:

  • Superior Wear Resistance: The Courant Rebel Rope is engineered with superior wear resistance, ensuring it can handle the demands of rugged environments and regular use.

  • Heat Treated for Extra Stability: The rope is heat treated to provide extra stability and strength, ensuring it remains steadfast during your climbing endeavors.

Embrace the efficiency and reliability of the Courant Rebel Rope, your ultimate solution for fast access into the trees. With its exceptional durability, low stretch, and EN 1891-A certification, this rope offers the performance and safety you need for successful climbs. Choose Courant Rebel Rope and elevate your climbing experiences to new heights of speed and effectiveness.

Standard EN 1891:1998 Type A
Materials / Construction Polyamid/Polyester
Tear Resistant 3300 daN
Resistance with Seam 2300 daN
Mass 88 gsm
Gain Percentage 41%
Core Percentage 59%
Elongation 50/150 kg 2.5%
Knotability 1.18
Water Shrinkage 2.2%