Courant Squir 11.5mm Climbing Rope

$171.32 USD

Lenght: 150 ft.

150 ft.
197 ft.

The Courant Squir Rope - Your Ultimate SRT and Access Line!

The Courant Squir Rope is thoughtfully crafted to cater specifically to Single Rope Technique (SRT) and access line needs. With an advanced design, this 11.5mm diameter Squir rope boasts enhanced durability and reduced elongation, making it an excellent choice for your climbing pursuits.

Key Features:

  • Reduced Elongation for SRT: Engineered with reduced elongation, the Courant Squir Rope is perfectly suited for Single Rope Technique (SRT) applications, ensuring precise and controlled movements during your climbs.

  • Improved Abrasion Resistance: The Courant Squir Rope is equipped with a more durable yet flexible sheath, delivering improved abrasion resistance. Experience lasting performance, even in rugged environments.

  • Highly Visible Colors: Stand out in the trees with the Courant Squir Rope's highly visible colors. Enjoy enhanced visibility and safety during your climbing adventures.

  • Long-Lasting Flexibility: Squir Rope retains its flexibility over time, allowing you to climb with ease and agility, even after extended use.

  • Smooth Sheath for Optimal Fluidity: The smooth sheath of the Courant Squir Rope ensures optimal fluidity, enabling effortless maneuvers during your climbs.

With the Courant Squir Rope, elevate your SRT and access line experiences to new heights. Benefit from reduced elongation, superior abrasion resistance, and excellent flexibility, all packaged in vibrant colors for enhanced visibility. Choose Courant Squir Rope as your go-to climbing companion, and conquer every ascent with confidence and ease.

Standard EN 1891:1998 Type A
Materials / Construction Polyamid/Polyester
Tear Resistant 3400 daN
Resistance with Knot of 8 2000 daN
Mass 91 gsm
Gain Percentage 43%
Core Percentage 57%
Sheath Slip 0.2%
Elongation 50/150 kg 2%
Knotability 0.74
Water Shrinkage 1.5%