Distel-DMM Tree Gaffs

$549.99 USD

Style: Tree Gaffs - Click Quick Buckles

Tree Gaffs - Click Quick Buckles

Discover the outstanding Distel spurs featuring a DMM hot-forged aluminum shank, developed in collaboration with DMM. These spurs are enhanced with improved 2020 pads for superior performance and come with PTFE coated gaffs for optimal functionality.


Distel DMM-Shank:

  • Developed in cooperation with DMM, featuring a hot-forged aluminum shank.
  • Optimized ergonomic fit with a three times angled design.
  • Equipped with a large 45 mm wide stirrup with an offset for extended working periods.
  • The Vibram rubber sole provides excellent foothold when walking on branches.

Pads 2020:

  • Improved pad design for all Distel climbers.
  • Additional padding for the shin and calf, with a foam plate that is 50% larger.
  • The pad's grid structure ensures an optimal fit on the shell and the user's leg, resulting in punctual pressure distribution and increased comfort.
  • The foam thickness has been increased by 2 cm.

Gaffs with Black PTFE Coating:

  • The gaffs are coated with black PTFE, a highly engineered plastic known for reducing friction and breakaway moments.
  • The PTFE coating enables easier release of the gaff from wood, saving effort and reducing stress.

Manufacturer Part Number: 15112