DMM Mega Vault

$89.95 USD

Color: Red/Silver

Matt Grey

The Mega Vault, the latest addition to the highly popular DMM Vault range, is an essential harness accessory.

With a larger and deeper basket, the Mega Vault offers a secure and convenient storage solution for tools of various sizes. Its versatility makes it suitable for a range of applications, including tree care, various building trades, and rigging tasks.

You can easily retrofit the Mega Vault to almost every harness and many tool belts. It features a spacious storage ledge for selectively removing gear and a replaceable gate keeper that holds the gate open, simplifying the installation and removal of tools. Moreover, this versatile accessory can be mounted on vehicles and work bags, providing an additional layer of secure storage for both large and small items.


  • Lightweight: Weighing just 126 grams, it's easy to carry and won't add extra weight to your gear.
  • Wide Gate Opening: With a 46 mm gate opening, it provides ample space for attachment.
  • Moderate Strength: Boasting an MBS (Minimum Breaking Strength) of 3 kN, it can handle various light-duty tasks.
  • Working Load Limit: Designed for a WLL (Working Load Limit) of 0.3 kN, suitable for specific applications.
  • Compact Dimensions: Its compact size, measuring 24 x 147 x 88 mm (width x height x depth), makes it easy to integrate into your equipment setup.
  • Non-PPE: Note that this product is not certified as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), so it may not be suitable for certain safety-critical applications.

Manufacturer Part Number: A771