$249.95 USD

The FUSE is a guided type fall arrester that sets new standards in terms of reliability and safety. It is designed for a payload of up to 140 kg and is the only device in the market that meets all applicable standards in Europe and North America, including EN 353-2, EN 12841-A, RfU 11.075, and ANSI Z359.15.

The device features a sophisticated attachment at the lever arm that enables it to move along the rope with unprecedented ease, reducing wear and preventing tearing of the rope. It also ensures the blocking can be released without completely relieving the load by waiving at a toothed clamping cam. The clamping cam can be activated by means of a lock function when needed.

The FUSE can be attached to and removed from the rope without separating it from the karabiner, making it easy to use. It also comes with an integrated RFID chip for simplified operational documentation.

When used with the DEFUSER energy absorbers (S, L, or RESCUE), the FUSE reduces the maximum arrest shock to 30% below the standard. Different absorber lengths and performance parameters ensure best handling and performance for rescue operations and horizontal applications.

The FUSE also facilitates taut belaying in the working position and prevents sagging of ropes when exposed to wind. It is suitable for use with ropes of diameter 10 to 12 mm.