Edelrid Titan Work Glove - Open

$30.99 USD

The Edelrid Titan Work Glove Open is a durable rope work glove designed for tree workers who need to maintain their dexterity and have sweaty fingertips. Its open fingertips allow for easy knot tying and retention of fine motor skills. The gloves feature a friction-resistant leather on the palms for added durability and 4-way stretch material on the back of the hand for a comfortable fit. These gloves are perfect for lowering operations and any other task that requires precision and grip.

Size: M

  • Robust leather palms
  • Open fingertips for easy knot tying and fine motor skills retention
  • Pull-off loop on the forefinger
  • Pull tab on the wrist for sliding them on and hanging them off a carabiner
  • Back of hand and fingers made from elastic 4-way stretch material
  • Elasticated wristband with Velcro strap