Edelrid TreeRex Saddle

$514.99 USD



The TreeRex tree-care harness is a fully-featured and customizable harness designed for tree-care professionals. It offers a variety of rope bridge configurations, including the SRT BRIDGE, which provides a secure and comfortable central attachment point for an SRT ascent or when working off a choked anchor on a spar.

When combined with the Vector Chest X harness, the TreeRex and SRT Bridge form an EN 361 Fall protection system. The harness features 3D Vent Technology and wide, semi-rigid padding for exceptional comfort and breathability in hot weather.

The TreeRex has 4 large gear loops designed to accommodate large gear hooks, such as the SM Clip 3R or Rock Exotica Transporter, and 4 molded gear loops for easy storage of carabiners, slings, or other tools.

The harness comes pre-assembled with a single adjustable rope bridge in the lateral eyelets and an aluminum connecting ring. It also includes a second bridge, SRT attachment point, and first aid bag that are ready to be installed. The TreeRex is also compatible with the Bungee Chest harness.

  • The harness comes with an Adjustable SRT bridge included, which can also be purchased separately as a replacement.
  • 3D Vent Technology molded foam provides unbeatable support and comfort with maximum breathability.
  • Two color-coded rope bridges and one anchor ring are included for maximum freedom of movement.
  • The leg loops feature lateral fastening eyelets.
  • All load-bearing straps have indicator tape for added safety.
  • The harness has Triple Lock buckles for added security.
  • The angle of the lateral fastening eyelets can be adjusted under load.
  • The leg loop straps have abrasion protectors made from Dyneema.
  • Wide semi-rigid padding ensures maximum force distribution for comfort during prolonged use.
  • The harness has multiple gear loops on the waist and leg loops for storage of tools and equipment.
Waist (inches) Waist (cm) Leg Loops (inches) Leg Loops (cm)
Small/Medium 27 to 43 68.5 to 109 20 to 26
Large/Xlarge 33 to 48 84 to 129 22 to 28