EDELRID XPE 12.3mm 16 Strand Climbing Rope

$164.99 USD

Color: Aruba

Timber Blue

Length: 150'


Eye Option: None

Large Eye (5")
Tight Eye (1")

That's correct! The Edelrid XPE Arborist Rope was designed in collaboration with professionals and users to ensure optimized handling, easy knotability, and a consistent round shape. It is constructed with 16 strands and has a large diameter that makes it ideal for friction hitches. In addition, the rope is highly abrasion-resistant and easy to inspect, which is important for climbers who prioritize safety and longevity of their equipment.

  • Bright colors for good visibility
  • Special thickly-twined sheath construction for maximum abrasion resistance
  • Thermo Shield treatment for perfect handling
  • Load capacity Figure of Eight: 16 Kn
  • Strength with sewn termination: 25 Kn
  • Diameter: 12.30 mm
  • Core proportion: 35%
  • Knotability: 0.90
  • Sheath proportion: 65%
  • Weight: 118 g/m
  • Static elongation: 2.2%
  • CE marking: CE 0123
  • Country of origin: Germany

These features make the XPE arborist rope a reliable and durable choice for climbing and rigging applications. Its high load capacity and strength with sewn termination make it suitable for use with heavy loads, while its thickly-twined sheath construction provides maximum abrasion resistance. The Thermo Shield treatment ensures comfortable handling, and its bright colors ensure good visibility for increased safety.