Forester 8" Premium Chainsaw File - Made in Switzerland

$1.97 USD

Quantity: Single


Size: 1/2" (3.2mm)

1/2" (3.2mm)
5/32" (4mm)
11/64" (4.5mm)
3/16" (4.8mm)
13/64" (5.1mm)
7/32" (5.5mm)

The Forester 8" Premium Chainsaw File, precision-engineered in Switzerland for exceptional quality. This long-lasting file is designed to be your go-to tool for maintaining chainsaw chains. It's renowned for its fast cutting ability, making it ideal for even the toughest chains. 


  • ast Cutting: These files are optimized for efficient and swift cutting, ensuring that your chains stay sharp.

  • Diverse Sizes: Available in five different sizes, each tailored to specific chain sizes, so you can find the perfect match for your needs.

  • Chain Sizes: Here are the file sizes and the corresponding chain sizes:

    • 5/32" (4.0mm) - Suitable for 3/8" EXT. Lo Pro chains.
    • 11/64" (4.5mm) - Ideal for .325 chains.
    • 3/16" (4.8mm) - Designed for .325 chains.
    • 13/64" (5.1mm) - Tailored for 3/8" Std. chains.
    • 7/32" (5.5mm) - Perfect for 3/8 Std. chains.
  • Packaging: Each file comes in a convenient paper box, ensuring it remains protected and ready for use.