Huracan 1/2" 24 Strand Double Braid Lanyard with an Aluminum Body Steel Gate Ansi Double Action Snap Hook 8'

$54.99 USD

Size: 8'


The Huracan 1/2" 24 Strand Double Braid Lanyard is engineered for ultimate performance and safety in demanding professional settings. Featuring an advanced double braid construction, this lanyard combines a 24-strand outer cover with a 16-strand core, providing an exceptional balance of strength and flexibility. This design ensures the lanyard is robust enough to handle rigorous use while maintaining the maneuverability needed for precise tasks.


  • Durable Double Braid Construction: The 24-strand cover and 16-strand core offer superior abrasion resistance and longevity, making it ideal for intensive outdoor and industrial environments.
  • Aluminum Body Steel Gate ANSI Double Action Snap Hook: Ensures secure, reliable connections with easy one-handed operation for quick attachment and detachment.
  • Maximum Breaking Strength: With an MBS of 8,069 lbs, this lanyard supports heavy loads, providing peace of mind during high-stakes operations.
  • Versatile Application: Perfect for arborists, climbers, and professionals in construction and utilities, offering enhanced safety and efficiency at heights.

Manufacturer Part Number: AHRLDAAN