ISC RP200 Series Rigging Blocks

$239.99 USD

Size: Compact


The ISC 200 Series Pulleys have undergone a redesign to improve their strength and feature a new SafeLock mechanism. The frames of these pulleys are made from hot-forged aluminum and are optimized using stress analysis programs to withstand the forces applied by arborists. The unique axle and frame interlocking design means that the ISC 200 Series Pulleys are up to 150% stronger than their previous models. The updated Patent Pending SafeLock system is an improved version of the ISC SpringLock design, which has a low profile and quick opening action.

Model Weight MBS Max Rope Diameter
RP248 610g 100kN (22,481lbf) 14mm (9/16")
RP251 1,887g 250kN (56,202lbf) 16mm (5/8")
RP255 2,682g 300kN (67,442lbf) 20mm (3/4")