NLG Ascent Pouch™

$68.99 USD

After extensive research and analysis of common tool kits used in elevated work, the NLG Ascent Pouch™ emerges as the pinnacle of design and functionality.

With an enlarged opening and tapered shape, the pouch's capacity is enhanced, offering easy access and clear visibility of its contents without compromising on its compact design. The 'D' profile base and opening optimize ergonomics, keeping the pouch close to the user during use.

The Ascent™ webbing side modules provide structural support, while external gear loops offer additional staging and storage options. Furthermore, extended internal anchor points facilitate quick and easy attachment of tool lanyards.

Safety is paramount with the Ascent Pouch™, as it comes with a captive carabiner built-in, preventing any accidental release from the connector. The twistlock carabiner's rotating design ensures that the pouch's natural work position is maintained while in use. For added convenience, the Ascent Pouch™ can be directly mounted onto a belt, harness, or rail via the rear loops. Embrace the NLG Ascent Pouch™ for a truly efficient and secure tool management solution when working at height.


  • Rear loops allow for convenient belt mounting or direct attachment to a harness or rail.
  • Enhance capacity, visibility, and ergonomics with the unique tapered ‘D’ profile of the pouch.
  • Protect against piercing from sharp tools with the removable reinforced base plate.
  • Stay organized and prevent drops with the foldable drop prevention closure system.
  • Keep the pouch in optimal condition, even in wet weather, with the integrated Drain Vent.
  • Easily maintain the pouch with the easy wipe clean coating.
  • Each pouch comes with a unique serial number for easy identification and tracking.
  • The pouch is constructed from heavy-duty PVC, which is UV stabilized and mildew resistant.
  • Utilize 4 integrated anchor points for multiple tool lanyard attachments.
  • The product is CE marked and compliant with ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 standards.
  • Get extra support and storage with the super strong Ascent™ side modules and external gear loops.
  • The pouch dimensions are 20cm x 18cm x 30cm, and it has a capacity of 7 liters.
  • The pouch is structurally engineered to withstand dynamic impact forces.
  • Load tested and third-party certified with a 5:1 safety factor for added assurance.
  • The internal anchor max load and max load are both rated at 5KG (11lbs).

Manufacturer Part Number: 101520