NLG Flat Webbing Chainsaw Lanyard

$12.37 USD

Discover the NLG Flat Webbing Chainsaw Lanyard, a product that redefines durability and comfort. Made from soft touch webbing, this lanyard stands the test of time, outperforming other options while ensuring a gentle and non-chaffing experience.

With contrast stitching, conducting quick pre-work visual checks is a breeze. Crafted with valuable insights from Arboriculture professionals, this chainsaw lanyard sets the standard as the sought-after entry-level solution for all your needs. Trust NLG for a reliable and efficient chainsaw lanyard that excels in the field.


  • The NLG Flat Webbing Chainsaw Lanyard comes with an extended product life due to its high strength, wear-resistant, hi-vis, nylon webbing.
  • The lanyard can handle a maximum load of 10KG (22lbs).
  • Half twist ends on the lanyard ensure that both ends sit flat when installed on the saw and the harness.
  • It is complete with a 44mm O ring.
  • The lanyard has dimensions of 25mm (width of webbing) and a length of 1.3M.
  • Each lanyard has a unique serial number for easy identification and tracking.
  • The product is CE marked and UKCA marked, meeting essential safety requirements.
  • Faster visual inspections are enabled by the contrast stitching.
  • The lanyard undergoes dynamic load testing and is third-party certified with a 2:1 safety factor, ensuring reliability.

Manufacturer Part Number: 101608