Notch Friction Savers With Aluminum Wear Safe Rings

$49.99 USD

Size: 24"


Enhance your climbing safety and efficiency with our lightweight and easy-to-use Friction Saver, now featuring Notch’s patented Wear Safe rings. These rings are designed with an innovative wear indicator mark, the first in the industry, ensuring you know exactly when it's time to retire the product. Available in three lengths—24”, 36”, and 48”—this friction saver is an essential tool for climbing arborists, offering superior protection for both your climbing line and the tree.


  • Wear Safe Rings: Industry's first wear indicator mark for increased safety.
  • Friction Reduction: Minimizes friction during your ascent.
  • False Crotch Use: Suitable for use as a false crotch.
  • Durable Webbing: Multi-layered, fray-resistant custom Nylon webbing resists twisting.
  • High Visibility: Bright coloration for increased visibility in the canopy.
  • Color-Coded Rings: Ease of retrieval from the tree with color-coded rings.
  • Individually Serialized: Rings made from 7075 aluminum, individually serialized.
  • Certification: CE Certified, meets ANSI Z133 standards.


  • Webbing: 1” Nylon webbing
  • Strength: 23kN MBS
  • Weight:
    • 24": 0.23 lbs / 0.10 kg
    • 36": 0.29 lbs / 0.13 kg
    • 48": 0.35 lbs / 0.16 kg